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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SSa.SSaVS.NcirAm  Nephtys cirrosa and amphipods in variable salinity infralittoral mobile sand

Mobile sand in variable salinity conditions where tidal currents create an unstable, shifting habitat. Characteristic species include the polychaetes Nephtys cirrosa and Scoloplos armiger along with amphipods of the genus Bathyporeia and Haustorius arenarius. The bivalve Macoma balthica may occur in more stable examples of this biotope, although not in the abundances found in the SS.SMu.ISaMu.NhomMac biotope. The biotope contains relatively few species, each typically in low to moderate abundance. It is found in tidal channels with moderate tidal streams. Care should be taken in identification of this biotope due to the presence juveniles and species washed in during slack water.
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