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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SMx.SMxLS  Sublittoral mixed sediment in low or reduced salinity (lagoons)

Shallow, muddy mixed sediments in areas of low or reduced, although stable, salinity (may vary annually) with largely ephemeral faunal communities. Characterised by infaunal oligochaetes, including Baltidrilus costatus and Enchytraeidae, polychaetes such as Hediste diversicolor, Polydora ciliata and Pygospio elegans, bivalves such as Mya arenaria, Abra tenuis, and the lagoon cockle Cerastoderma glaucum as well as surface dwelling snails including Peringia ulvae. Other infauna can vary but can include very high numbers of amphipods Aoridae, Monocorophium insidiosum and other Corophium species, isopods Idotea spp. and seasonally occurring Chironomid larvae. Some sites with higher organic content also have very high numbers of Tubificoides oligochaetes and to a lesser extent Capitella capitata.
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