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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SMu.SMuVS.AphTubi  Aphelochaeta marioni and Tubificoides spp. in variable salinity infralittoral mud

Variable salinity cohesive muddy sediment (sometimes with some coarser material) dominated by the polychaete Aphelochaeta marioni (or other Aphelochaeta species e.g. A. amplivasatus) and the oligochaete Tubificoides spp. These taxa are generally accompanied by Nephtys hombergii whilst the polychaetes Capitella capitata and Melinna palmata may also occur in high numbers in some areas. Other members of the cirratulid polychaete group, e.g. Chaetozone zetlandica and Tharyx spp. may also occur in high numbers, sometimes replacing A. marioni as the dominant polychaete. However, there is still inconsistency in the identification of the cirratulid group which is further compounded by fragmentation during sample processing. This biotope is very common in stable muddy environments and may extend from reduced salinity to fully marine conditions.
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