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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SMu.CSaMu.LkorPpel  Lagis koreni and Phaxas pellucidus in circalittoral sandy mud

In stable circalittoral sandy mud dense populations of the tube building polychaete Lagis koreni may occur. Other species found in this habitat typically include bivalves such as Phaxas pellucidus, Kurtiella bidentata and Abra alba and polychaetes such as Mediomastus fragilis, Spiophanes bombyx, Owenia fusiformis and Scalibregma inflatum as well as mixed arthropods. At the sediment surface easily visible fauna include Lagis koreni and Ophiura ophiura. Lagis koreni is an important source of food for commercially important demersal fish, especially dab and plaice (Macer, 1967; Lockwood, 1980 and Basimi & Grove, 1985). A variant of this biotope recorded from Liverpool Bay, Cardigan Bay, North Wales and the Solway Firth may be found with reduced abundances or an absence of Phaxas pellucidus. Data has been collected using a Day grab and a mini-Hamon grab.
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