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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LS.LSa.MuSa.BatCare  Bathyporeia pilosa and Corophium arenarium in littoral muddy sand

Wave-sheltered, mainly upper and mid shore flats of medium to fine sand, often muddy sand. The salinity, although predominantly recorded as variable, probably varies little from fully marine in these broad estuaries. The infauna is characterised by the amphipods Bathyporeia pilosa, Corophium arenarium and C. volutator, and the spire shell Peringia ulvae. Polychaetes and bivalves are limited in their abundance and variety, though the Baltic tellin Macoma balthica may occur. Tidal streams may be strong during spring tides, accounting for the presence of amphipods B. pilosa that are more commonly associated with open coast sandflats.
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