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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LR.FLR.Lic.Pra  Prasiola stipitata on nitrate-enriched supralittoral or littoral fringe rock

Exposed to moderately exposed bedrock and large boulders in the supralittoral and littoral fringe that receives nitrate enrichment from nearby roosting sea birds and is characterised by a band or patches of the ephemeral tufty green seaweed Prasiola stipitata or Prasiola spp. This typically grows over the black lichen Verrucaria maura in the littoral fringe or yellow and grey lichens in the supralittoral zone. In damp pits and crevices, species such as the winkle Littorina saxatilis, amphipods and halacarid mites are occasionally found. Pra often covers a smaller area than 5m x 5m and care should be taken to notice/record this biotope. The biotope can be associated with artificial substrata such as septic tanks, and in supralittoral areas influenced by sewage seeps or agricultural run-off.
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