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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LR.FLR.CvOv.SpR.Den  Sponges, shade-tolerant red seaweeds and Dendrodoa grossularia on wave-surged overhanging lower eulittoral bedrock and caves

Overhanging bedrock on the lower shore, at cave entrances, to and on inner walls of caves, subject to wave surge and low light levels, and characterised by a high density of small groups of the solitary ascidian Dendrodoa grossularia. The sponges Grantia compressa, Halichondria panicea and Hymeniacidon perlevis are common on the rock surface, while the hydroid Dynamena pumila (normally found on fucoids) hangs in distinct form from overhanging rock. Found on the rock surface are the calcareous tube-forming polychaetes Spirorbis spp. and Spirobranchus spp. along with the barnacles Semibalanus balanoides. The anemone Actinia equina thrives in the permanently damp pits and crevices. Where sufficient light is available a sparse community of shade-tolerant red seaweeds. These include Membranoptera alata, Lomentaria articulata, Audouinella spp. and coralline crusts.
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