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Marine Habitat Classification


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   IR.HIR.KSed.DesFilR  Dense Desmarestia spp. with filamentous red seaweeds on exposed infralittoral cobbles, pebbles and bedrock

Wave-exposed seasonally mobile substrata (pebbles, cobbles) dominated by dense stands of the brown seaweed Desmarestia aculeata and/or Desmarestia ligulata. Infralittoral pebbles and cobbles that are scoured through mobility during storms, but become stable in the summer allowing the growth of such algae as Desmarestia spp. Filamentous red seaweeds such as Bonnemaisonia asparagoides and Vertebrata byssoides are usually present. Stunted individuals of the kelp such as Laminaria hyperborea and Saccharina latissima may be present where bedrock is available. A variety of foliose red seaweeds such as Cryptopleura ramosa, Chondrus crispus, Plocamium cartilagineum, Hypoglossum hypoglossoides and Nitophyllum punctatum may on occasion be present underneath the kelp canopy. Other red algae including Corallina officinalis, Rhodomela confervoides and coralline crusts including Lithothamnion spp. may be present as well as well as the foliose brown seaweed Dictyota dichotoma and the green Ulva intestinalis. Due to the nature of this biotope the faunal component is very impoverished though the gastropod Steromphala cineraria can be found among the cobbles.
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