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Marine Habitat Classification


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   CR.MCR.EcCr.FaAlCr.Adig  Alcyonium digitatum, Spirobranchus triqueter, algal and bryozoan crusts on wave-exposed circalittoral rock

This variant is typically found on the vertical, steep and upper faces of wave-exposed circalittoral bedrock or boulders subject to varying amounts of current. The variant has a very grazed, sparse appearance, dominated only by the presence of Alcyonium digitatum and large expanses of encrusting red alage and bryozoan crusts particularly (Parasmittina trispinosa). The sparse appearance can be attributed to the frequently observed sea urchin Echinus esculentus. The polychaete Spirobranchus triqueter can be locally abundant, and may in some cases cover far more rock surface than A. digitatum, especially on vertical faces. Clumps of robust hydroids such as Abietinaria abietina occur occasionally. Other species present include the echinoderms Asterias rubens, Henricia sanguinolenta, Ophiothrix fragilis, the anemone Urticina felina, Calliostoma zizyphinum and Cancer pagurus.
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