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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SSa.OSa.MalEdef  Maldanid polychaetes and Eudorellopsis deformis in offshore circalittoral sand or muddy sand

In deep offshore sand or non-cohesive muddy sand dense populations of maldanid polychaetes such as Maldane sarsi and the cumacean Eudorellopsis deformis may be found. Accompanying these species are abundant ophiuroids including Amphiura filiformis, polychaetes such as Seraphsidae sp., Chaetozone setosa, Levinsenia gracilis, Scoloplos armiger, the amphipod Harpinia antennaria and the bivalves Ennucula tenuis and Parvicardium minimum. This biotope is similar to the Maldane sarsi-Ophiura sarsi community defined by Glemarec (1973).
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