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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SSa.CFiSa.ApriBatPo  Abra prismatica, Bathyporeia elegans and polychaetes in circalittoral fine sand

In circalittoral and offshore medium to fine sands between 25 m and 100 m a community characterised by the bivalve Abra prismatica, the amphipod Bathyporeia elegans and polychaetes such as Scoloplos armiger, Spiophanes bombyx, Aonides paucibranchiata, Chaetozone setosa, Ophelia borealis and Nephtys longosetosa may be found. The cumacean Eudorellopsis deformis and the opheliid polychaetes such as Ophelia borealis, Travisia forbesii or Ophelina neglecta are often present in this biotope. The brittlestar Amphiura filiformis may also be common at some sites. This biotope has been reported in the central and northern North Sea (Basford and Eleftheriou, 1989; K?nitzer et al., 1992). Variants to the biotope, with sparser fauna in medium coarse sand with some gravel in deeper water, have been found off the east coast of England, similarly comprised of annelid worms such as Nephtys cirrosa, Ophelia borealis, and Spio armata, brittle stars Amphipholis squamata, and crustacea such as Gastrosaccus spinifer. In variable gravelly sands with pebbles, sparse fauna may also include bryozoans, such as Conopeum reticulum and Aspidelectra melolontha, and there may be presence of Sabellaria spinulosa.
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