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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SMu.OMu.StyPse  Styela gelatinosa, Pseudamussium peslutrae and solitary ascidians on sheltered deep circalittoral muddy sediment

This biotope is known only from deep water in Loch Goil (Clyde sea lochs) in fine mud at 65 m with terrigenous debris. Large numbers of solitary ascidians, including Styela gelatinosa, Ascidia conchilega, Corella parallelogramma and Ascidiella spp., are characteristic of this biotope together with the bivalve Pseudamussium peslutrae. Terebellid worms, the bivalve Abra alba and the polychaete Glycera tridactyla may also occur. It is possibly an ice age relict biotope.
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