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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SCS.ICS.CumCset  Cumaceans and Chaetozone setosa in infralittoral gravelly sand

In shallow medium-fine sands with gravel, on moderately exposed open coasts, communities dominated by cumaceans such as Iphinoe trispinosa and Diastylis bradyi along with the cirratulid polychaete Chaetozone setosa (agg.) may occur. Chaetozone setosa is a species complex so it is likely that some variability in nomenclature will be found in the literature. Other important taxa may include the polychaetes Anaitides spp., Lanice conchilega, Eteone longa and Scoloplos armiger. This community may be subject to periodical sedimentary disturbance, such that a sub-climactic community may develop with opportunistic taxa such as C. setosa and S. armiger often dominating the community.
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