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Marine Habitat Classification


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   M.AtLB.Mu.EreCor.AcaArb  Acanella arbuscula assemblage on Atlantic lower bathyal mud

This biotope is composed of dense aggregations of the Isidid octocoral Acanella arbuscula on sandy silts and fine grained oozes. It is likely to be functionally similar to a seapen field. Gage (1986) describes growths of the arborescent gorgonian Acanella arbuscula as providing a ?perch? for such fauna as the brittle star Ophiacantha bidentata to feed in the current. This assemblage was also recorded in the upper bathyal but associated species are likely to differ with depth. Characterising species listed refer to all Acanella arbuscula assemblages not just those found associated with the zone and substrate specified in this biotope. This assemblage is described from published literature only.
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