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Marine Habitat Classification


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   M.AtLB.Bi.CorRee.SolVar  Atlantic lower bathyal live Solenosmilia variabilis reef (biogenic structure)

This biotope is similar to Lophelia pertusa reef, but the dominant scleractinian species is Solenosmilia variabilis. It is generally found deeper than Lophelia pertusa reef in the lower bathyal zone (>1200m). Solenosmilia attaches to any hard substrate present and then grows outwards forming a hard reef structure. Solenosmilia reef is often associated with a range of coral species and a high diversity of other fauna. This biotope refers only to reef framework summits with live Solenosmilia. This biotope will generally be surrounded by dead Solenosmilia reef framework. Solenosmilia reef can be found in a mosaic with other substrate types.
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