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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LS.LSa.MoSa.AmSco.Sco  Scolelepis spp. in littoral mobile sand

Exposed and moderately exposed shores of fully marine mobile clean sand, with particle sizes ranging from coarse to very fine. The sediment is not always well sorted, and may contain a subsurface layer of gravel or shell debris. Usually no anoxic layer is present. The mobility of the sediment leads to a species-poor community, dominated by the polychaetes Scolelepis (Scolelepis) squamata and S. foliosa. The amphipod Bathyporeia pilosa may be present. Further species that may be present in this sub-biotope include the amphipods B. pelagica and Haustorius arenarius, and the isopod Eurydice pulchra. The lugworm Arenicola marina may also occur.
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