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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LS.LMp.Sm  Saltmarsh

Angiosperm-dominated stands of vegetation, occurring on the extreme upper shore of sheltered coasts and periodically covered by spring high tides. The vegetation develops on a variety of sandy and muddy sediment types and may have admixtures of coarser material. The character of the saltmarsh communities is affected by height up the shore, resulting in a zonation pattern related to the degree or frequency of immersion in seawater. Saltmarsh vegetation is generally well studied; its classification is fully covered by the UK National Vegetation Classification, where 26 types are defined (Rodwell, 2000). The species listed below give a general indication of the infaunal component of saltmarsh communities. Users are referred to the chapter on saltmarsh communities in Rodwell (2000) for details on the plant communities which characterise the different saltmarsh biotopes.
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