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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LR.LLR.FVS.PelVS  Pelvetia canaliculata on sheltered variable salinity littoral fringe rock

Lower littoral fringe bedrock or stable boulders and mixed substrata on very sheltered to extremely sheltered variable salinity shores characterised by a dense cover of the wrack Pelvetia canaliculata, which often overgrows a crust of black lichens Verrucaria maura. The wrack Fucus spiralis can be present among the P. canaliculata. This biotope lacks the density of barnacles found among the P. canaliculata on more exposed shores though the occasional Semibalanus balanoides or Austrominius modestus can be found. The winkle Littorina saxatilis occurs, as do a variety of amphipods. The red alga Catenella caespitosa can be present in more shaded areas as well as the green seaweed Ulva intestinalis.
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