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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LR.FLR.Rkp.H  Hydroids, ephemeral seaweeds and Littorina littorea in shallow eulittoral mixed substrata pools

Shallow pools on mixed cobbles, pebbles, gravel and sand characterised by abundant hydroids. Species present may include Obelia geniculata, O. dichotoma, O. longissima, Sertularia cupressina, Tublaria indivisa and Thuiaria thuja. The difficulty in identifying hydroids suggests many more species may be also be present. Other species typically found in this biotope include ephemeral green algae (Ulva spp. and Ulva sp.), red algae (Chondrus crispus and Coralline algae) and the winkle Littorina littorea. Within the pools, patches of sand may be occupied by the lugworm Arenicola marina and sand mason worms Lanice conchilega. These pools are often associated with mussel beds (MytX), with Mytilus edulis frequently recorded within the pools. Barnacles (Semibalanus balanoides and Austrominius modestus) and the keel worm Spirobranchus triqueter may be attached to shells and small stones. Mobile species typical of rock pool habitats, such as Crangon crangon and Pomatoschistus minutus will also be found within the pool.
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