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Marine Habitat Classification


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   CR.HCR.XFa.SpNemAdia  Sparse sponges, Nemertesia spp. and Alcyonidium diaphanum on circalittoral mixed substrata

This biotope is found on moderately wave-exposed sand-scoured, circalittoral boulders, cobbles and pebbles that are subject to moderately strong tidal streams (referred to as lag-cobbles locally). It is characterised by sparse sponges and a diverse bryozoan and hydroid turf. The sparse sponge community is primarily composed of Dysidea fragilis and Sycon ciliatum. The mixed faunal turf is composed of Nemertesia antennina, Nemertesia ramosa, Halecium halecinum, Sertularia argentea, Alcyonium digitatum, Bugulina flabellata, Bugulina turbinata, Crisularia plumosa, Flustra foliacea, Cellepora pumicosa, Alcyonidium diaphanum, Cellaria fistulosa and crisiid bryozoans. The anemones Epizoanthus couchii, Cylista elegans and Cerianthus lloydii may also be recorded. Echinoderms such as the starfish Asterias rubens, Crossaster papposus, Henricia oculata and the crinoid Antedon bifida. Other species present include the colonial ascidian Clavelina lepadiformis, the barnacle Balanus crenatus, the top shell Steromphala cineraria, the polychaete Spirobranchus triqueter, the ascidian Morchellium argus, Prosthecareus vittatus and the crab Cancer pagurus. It is distributed off Pen Llyn and over considerable areas of the Irish Sea.
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