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Marine Habitat Classification


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   CR.HCR.FaT.CTub.Adig  Alcyonium digitatum with dense Tubularia indivisa and anemones on strongly tide-swept circalittoral rock

This variant is typically found on exposed circalittoral bedrock and boulders in sounds, narrows and around tide-swept promontories in accelerated tidal streams. It is dominated by aggregations of dead man's fingers Alcyonium digitatum, and dense clumps or continuous cover of the robust hydroid Tubularia indivisa, particularly on prominent ledges and ridges. Anemones such as Cylista elegans, Urticina felina, Metridium senile, Actinothoe sphyrodeta and Corynactis virdis form a prominent component of the community. Occasionally, massive sponges such as Pachymatisma johnstonia and Amphilectus fucorum may be present. Encrusting species such as the polychaete Spirobranchus triqueter and the barnacle Balanus crenatus may be dotted around the rocks, and the top shell Calliostoma zizyphinum may also be observed. Clumps of the bryozoan Flustra foliacea are occasionally seen. The starfish Asterias rubens may be seen amongst a patchy turf of Crisia denticulata and the bryozoan Alcyonidium diaphanum. This variant may also be found on tideswept wrecks and other artificial sustratum.
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