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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SSa.CFiSa.SiphNephVen  Siphonoecetes, Nephtyidae polychaetes and venerid bivalves in circalittoral sand

Circalittoral shallow coarse or medium sands (with shells and gravel) characterised by a community of amphipods, Nephtyidae and bivalves. This biotope has been recorded on sandbanks to the East of Isle of Man (Irish Sea). The description of this biotope is based on infauna recorded from the above location but could be found in other areas with similar environmental conditions. The infauna was impoverished and characterised by Siphonoecetes, Sthenelais limicola, clean sand loving Nephtyidae polychaetes Aglaphamus agilis, Nephthys cirrosa and venerid bivalves Asbjornsenia pygmaea and Venus casina. This biotope was described using Day grab infaunal data and the characterising species listed will partly reflect the method used to collect data.
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