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Marine Habitat Classification


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   SS.SMp.KSwSS.LsacGraFS  Laminaria saccharina, Gracilaria gracilis and brown seaweeds on full salinity infralittoral sediment

Shallow kelp community found on muddy sand, in moderately exposed or sheltered, fully marine conditions, with weak tidal currents. The community is characterised by a reasonable covering of Laminaria saccharina. Frequent Chorda filum may also form part of the canopy although not at the abundance in LsacCho. Beneath the canopy the community is characterised by the red algae Gracilaria gracilis, and various brown algal species particularly Dictyota dichotoma. Other members of the understory may include a variety of other filamentous and foliose red algae in particular Ceramium nodulosum and the green alga Ulva. The muddy sand substrate supports a variety of faunal species including polychaetes (Lanice conchilega) and gastropods (Hinia reticulata).
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