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Marine Habitat Classification


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   M.AtUA.Mu.UrcCom.GraAle  Gracilechinus alexandri, Psilaster and Plinthaster assemblage on Atlantic upper abyssal mud

This biotope consists of urchin Gracilechinus alexandri with seastars on mud substrate. Gage (1986) describes an assemblage from the continental slope west of the Hebrides (Rockall Trough) between 1400 and 2500m on pelagic ooze and terbidite dominated by echinoderms. The same epifaunal assemblage is also found in the lower bathyal but associated infauna are likely to differ. Characterising species listed refer to all Gracilechinus alexandri, Psilaster and Plinthaster assemblages not just those found associated with the zone and substrate specified in this biotope.
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