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Marine Habitat Classification


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   LR.FLR.Eph.EntPor  Porphyra purpurea and Enteromorpha spp. on sand-scoured mid or lower eulittoral rock

Exposed and moderately exposed mid-shore bedrock and boulders occurring adjacent to areas of sand which significantly affects the rock. As a consequence of sand-abrasion, wracks such as Fucus vesiculosus or Fucus spiralis are scarce and the community is typically dominated by ephemeral red or green seaweeds, particularly the foliose red seaweed Porphyra purpurea and green seaweeds such as Enteromorpha spp. Under the blanket of ephemeral seaweeds, the barnacles Semibalanus balanoides or Elminius modestus and the limpet Patella vulgata may occur in the less scoured areas, along with the occasional winkles Littorina littorea and Littorina saxatilis. Few other species are present.
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