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Marine Habitat Classification


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   IR.LIR.IFaVS.HarCon  Hartlaubella gelatinosa and Conopeum reticulum on low salinity infralittoral mixed substrata

Upper estuarine mixed hard substrata colonised by very sparse communities of animals with low species richness and with a few seaweeds in very shallow water. In the Tamar estuary the hydroid Hartlaubella gelatinosa and bryozoan Conopeum reticulum are found on stones. In the River Dart the bryozoan Amathia imbricata is most abundant. The mussel Mytilus edulis, the crab Carcinus maenas and the hydroid Obelia dichotoma can be present. A similar brackish-water rocky biotope is recorded from the Bann Estuary, Northern Ireland. There are considerable differences in species composition between sites, but all occur in brackish turbid-water conditions. More information required to validate this description.
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