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Marine Habitat Classification

Description of biotope or habitat type

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   Venerupis corrugata, Amphipholis squamata and Apseudes latreilli in infralittoral mixed sediment

Physical habitat description

Salinity Full (30-35 ppt), Variable (18-35 ppt)
Wave exposure Sheltered, Very sheltered, Extremely sheltered
Tidal streams Moderately strong (1-3 kn), Weak (>1 kn)
Substratum Muddy sandy gravel and pebbles
Zone Infralittoral
Depth Band 0-5 m, 5-10 m, 10-20 m, 20-30 m
Other Features

Biotope origin

Derived using data from Various
Faunal group Epifauna/infauna

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Distribution of habitat SS.SMx.IMx.VcorAsquAps <I>Venerupis corrugata</I>, <I>Amphipholis squamata</I> and <I>Apseudes latreilli</I> in infralittoral mixed sediment

  • Records used to define the biotope (core records)
  • Other records assigned to this biotope, marked as 'certain'
  • Other records assigned to this biotope, marked as 'uncertain'
  • Predicted extent of the level 3 (for sublittoral rock & deep sea) or 4 (for sublittoral sediment) habitat

Point data based on records in the UK Marine Recorder Snapshot. Predicted habitat extent is from UKSeaMap.


Sheltered muddy sandy gravel and pebbles in marine inlets, estuaries or embayments with variable salinity or fully marine conditions, support large populations of the pullet carpet shell Venerupis corrugata with the brittlestar Amphipholis squamata and the tanaid Apseudes latreilli. This biotope may be found at a range of depths from 5 m to 30 m although populations of V. senegalensis may also be found on the low shore. Other common species within this biotope include the gastropod Calyptraea chinensis, a range of amphipod crustacea such as Monocorophium sextonae and Maera grossimana, polychaetes such as Mediomastus fragilis, Melinna palmata, Aphelochaeta marioni, Syllids, and tubificid oligochaetes. Many of the available records for this biotope are from southern inlets and estuaries such as Plymouth Sound and Milford Haven but V. senegalensis has a much wider distribution and it should be noted that northern versions of this biotope may a have a much lower species diversity than reported here.


No situation data available.

Temporal variation

No temporal data available.

Characterising species

Taxon Relative importance of taxon for defining this community (%) Typical abundance - SACFOR scale Typical abundance - (count per m2) % of core records where taxon was recorded
Apseudopsis latreillii 7 Common 2520 81-100%
Calyptraea chinensis 5 Common 351 81-100%
Mediomastus fragilis 5 Common 675 81-100%
Amphipholis squamata 4 Super abundant 377 81-100%
Aphelochaeta marioni 4 Common 2002 61-80%
Monocorophium sextonae 3 Common 961 61-80%
Maera grossimana 3 Common 228 61-80%
Melinna palmata 3 Abundant 1210 61-80%
Nemertea 3 Common 288 81-100%
Syllidia armata 3 Common 731 61-80%
Chaetozone gibber 3 Common 582 41-60%
Nematoda 2 Frequent 57 61-80%
Amphicteis gunneri 2 Abundant 276 41-60%
Caulleriella alata 2 Common 120 41-60%
Gammarella fucicola 2 Frequent 578 61-80%
Spirobranchus lamarcki 2 Common 178 41-60%
Tellimya ferruginosa 2 Frequent 73 61-80%
Tubificoides benedii 2 Common 500 61-80%
Venerupis corrugata 2 Abundant 56 81-100%
Tubificoides swirencoides 2 Common 385 41-60%
Abludomelita gladiosa 1 Frequent 153 41-60%
Phyllodoce mucosa 1 Common 78 61-80%
Janira maculosa 1 Frequent 260 61-80%
Metaphoxus simplex 1 Common 102 41-60%
Notomastus latericeus 1 Frequent 85 61-80%
Sphaerosyllis hystrix 1 Frequent 39 41-60%

Similar biotopes or habitat types

Not applicable or unknown.

Classification history of this biotope or habitat type

Classification version Code Habitat name
2015 (15.03) SS.SMx.IMx.VsenAsquAps Venerupis senegalensisAmphipholis squamata and Apseudes latreilli in infralittoral mixed sediment
2004 (04.05) SS.SMx.IMx.VsenAsquAps Venerupis senegalensisAmphipholis squamata and Apseudes latreilli in infralittoral mixed sediment
1997 (97.06) SS.IMX.FaMx.VsenMtru Venerupis senegalensis and Mya truncata in lower shore or infralittoral muddy gravel

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